SiteDocs Portal has transformed clinical research document management, revolutionising the way documents are collaborated between the Biopharmaceutical Industry, Sites and other Collaborators.

A business collaboration with Burika Pty Ltd, transforming the efficiency of document management processes for clinical research, enabling Sites and Industry partners to spend more time on other valuable activities required to bring safe and effective products to market.

SiteDocs Portal is a modular solution, respecting process efficiency by observing document dynamics based on their place of origin. Often document solutions are simply time-consuming electronic replacements of an antiquated paper-based process.


SiteDocs Portal

Multiple Service Tiers are available:

from $399

from $1,795

from $2,450


Site Payments

There are several reasons why up to 30% of Site Payments are never invoiced to the Sponsor throughout the course of a trial.

Site teams and supporting Monitors are often time-poor and while elements of the Site Payments are eagerly tracked and followed up, other aspects hang in the balance of experience and time-management.

Sponsors and Sites are time-leveraged with TrialDocs’ Services supporting with payment set up, tracking and processing capability.

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